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D2 Partners Cambodia Investment & Development is a company that provides support services for firms engaged in exporting and importing. This may include warehousing, shipping, insuring, and billing on behalf of the client. Additionally, export & import trading companies may help manufacturers find overseas buyers and sellers as well as provide them with other relevant market information. Accurate and reliable information on buyer and seller needs, market situation and suppliers, allows the provision of export and import services as the followings:
– We Handle the exportation and importation process for clients, navigating all legal requirements and regulations that a company must follow before a country will allowits goods to be exported and imported.
– We can be either local or based in a foreign country, such as the country that imports and exports the goods which our company is trying to properly provide pertinent services.
– We can provide a firm with local knowledge about the laws and regulations in a foreign country, reduce training and recruitment costs, and help strategize ways to minimize exchange rate risk.


Under this service, the mission is to contribute to the growth and success of our clients by helping them unleash their hidden potential and becoming an empowered and creative workforce.
The Business Philosophy is to develop and nurture long-term win-win relationships based on mutual respect and trust. BCS is a product of D2 PARTNERS CAMBODIA INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT Co., LTD. which will offer the following services:
– Entrepreneur for Small Businesses
– Business Development Services
– Training Facility


D2 Partners Cambodia is a full-service real estate company that provides customized and high-quality services tailored to your specific needs and to maximize the profitability and potential of your asset. Our success in attaining these goals, along with our well-regarded reputation has enabled us to forge relationships and partnerships with clients from across Cambodian country.
Our ability to develop and execute customized strategic solutions in support of our client’s unique goals and assets further exemplifies our commitment to creating enduring, successful partnerships.
RES provide a variety of services, including:
-Residential and Commercial Property Management
– Commercial Brokerage
– Association/Cooperative Management
– Facility Maintenance
– Accounting Services


Engaged in the development, manufacture, and operation of game software and game since 1996 we operate a network of gambling and poker clubs. Our goal is to be a quality partner and supplier of comprehensive solutions in the entertainment and gaming industry. We focus on the requirements of demanding customers, we follow world trends, which we apply to our products and we focus on compliance with the requirements of quality policy. We develop, manufacture, operate, and sell VLT Video Lottery Systems, VHP gaming machines, HTML5 internet games for online casinos. We operate a wide network of games, casinos, and poker clubs. Our products and services are available in a number of countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia.


D2 Partners Cambodia Investment & Development commercial division aims to be a trustful, long-life partner to business entities interested in providing fast, high quality, and personalized services to their customer base.
Accurate and reliable information on buyer needs, market situation, and suppliers, allows the provision of value-added brokerage services that:
– Strengthen the capacity of procurement, sales, and marketing service.
– Provide a list of selected suppliers and logistics services available in various trade areas.
– Offer advice and consulting services in refining marketing strategies and planning.
Our services allow business entities to establish and maintain flexible and effective communication with their clientele. Continuous feedback from customers and markets represents a definite asset of organizations, regardless of its sector activity and a success factor one cannot simply afford to miss out on.


Under this product, we specialize in the development of short- and long-term joint ventures with foreign companies seeking to expand their market in the Phnom Penh Region. In return, the host Cambodian partner will benefit from advanced technology, managerial know-how, and sector-specific competencies unavailable at present in Cambodia.
The Business Philosophy is to
1. Promote investment opportunities with local and foreign investors while marketing all investment opportunities in Cambodia to targeted investors worldwide.
2. Facilitate the establishment and smooth operation of investor projects.
3. Advice partners on additional policies and initiatives needed to encourage and boost investment locally and regionally.


We are a well-recognized construction machinery selling and rental service company in Cambodia, with the capability of providing equipment-related solutions and value-added services to our customers.
Under the great efforts of our company’s co-founders, each of whom has several years of experience in the industry, we possess in-depth knowledge of the construction machinery selling and rental market in Cambodia and have established strong and strategic relationships with our major suppliers and a large customer base. We have grown through different phases of the Cambodia economy to become a major dealer in the equipment selling and rental industry and also have participated in numerous large landmark construction projects.


D2 partners Cambodia has been set up purely to service the need of its clients. It provides a total financial experience tailored to professionals, self-employed and SME’s (small/medium business enterprise).As a finance brokerage, experience is not limited to any one area of the finance industry. Areas of expertise include:
– Residential Home and Investment Loans
– Equipment Finance Loans
– Business & Commercial Loans
– Debtor / Cash Flow Facilities