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There seems to be no limit to the ambitions of a Polish businessman Marek Marian Milkowski, whose many businesses have interests in the investment and development of advanced technologies and exports & imports. Marek is a socialized colleague in business who takes a full load of duties and responsibilities. He often gives people around a chance to feel positive in any business in accordance to levels of their qualifications. He is active in proposing new ideas and strategic plans on business to both local and international investors, partners, as well as shareholders. Being a very successful businessman of all time, Marek believes in loyalty, trustworthiness, fairness, and responsibility.



Mr. Dara Khoy, a 37-year-old entrepreneur, was born in Siem Reap province and grew up in the orphanage center with a divorcing mom who’s worked there for several years. Dara has been educated with general knowledge from the center he lived in and acquired non-formal and informal education through many working-experienced people, especially, successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. At the age of 17, with some learning experiences from the environments around, Dara started his first job in hospitality from the lowest position in Siem Reap and was then promoted to be a general manager while working in Phnom Penh city. In 2015, Dara left the hospitality job and started with a new career as a freelance consultant relying on connection building day by day, Dara has done many successful businesses set up for local and foreign investors in Cambodia with his experiences. Since then, Dara has established a company known as ‘D2 Partners Cambodia Investment & Development Co., Ltd. in which he’s playing the role of Managing Director.